XXI International Congress for Analytical Psychology

August 25 - 30, 2019 | Vienna, Austria

General information about Vienna

Welcome to Vienna

Vienna has approximately 1.8 million inhabitants and is situated in the “Heart of Europe”. Its geographic as well as its geopolitical position has established Vienna as a center for international meetings after the Second World War. Due to its location, it is a popular location for conferences. Moreover, it is one of the United Nations headquarters, and also home to a number of other international organizations. Vienna is a city on which its ever-changing history has left an indelible mark, reflected also in its rich cultural heritage. Viennese writers, musicians, artists and scientists have created new directions for the modern world in every field. Today, Vienna offers old historical palaces and modern shopping centers, Austrian food and haute cuisine, Viennese coffee houses and international restaurants, opera performances and jazz sessions, classical concerts and open air festivals, antique shops and elegant boutiques – all these contrasts are harmonized into something typically Viennese. Vienna is different!

For accompanying persons including children, Vienna offers numerous museums and tourist attractions.


In August, the maximum average temperature is 24° Celsius and the average monthly rainfall is 51mm.  This is one of the best months to visit the city, featuring the warmest temperatures and the most sunshine.


Opening times on weekdays are 9:00 to 18:00, some until 20:00 on Thursday or Friday. On Saturdays, most shops close at 18:00. All shops, with very few exceptions, remain closed on Sundays.

Currency and Credit Cards

The Austrian currency is the EURO (€). Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept internationally valid credit cards.


The current electricity used in Austria is 220 V, with 50 Hz frequency.

Public Transport

Vienna boasts a modern, efficient public transport system consisting of tramways, subway [U-Bahn], city railway [Schnellbahn; S-Bahn] and buses. Almost all hotels have easy access to the public transportation system. Tickets are sold from dispensers, ticket counters at major subway stations and in tobacco kiosks [Tabak/Trafik]. A weekly ticket, valid on all train, bus, tram and subway lines within Vienna costs €17.10; a single-ride ticket €2.40.