XXI International Congress for Analytical Psychology

August 25 - 30, 2019 | Vienna, Austria

Encountering the Other:
Within us, between us and in the world

Download the final program
IAAP_2019_program_08.08..pdf (2.54MB)
Download the final program
IAAP_2019_program_08.08..pdf (2.54MB)

In 2019 the International Association for Analytical Psychology will convene its 21st Congress in Vienna, Austria, where Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and C. G. Jung all played their roles in the founding of psychoanalysis. Originally joined in what they considered to be a defining moment for the coming 20th Century, they soon found that conflict would define their movement as much as their shared interest in the forces that shaped the human mind. For Freud and Jung, the conflicts that arose between them also demanded an exploration of their own psychological depths. As they increasingly defined one another as “the other” in the world of psychoanalysis, they also had to face the other within themselves. This process took various forms, and the call for participation in this congress encourages an encounter with the other within us, between us, and in the world.

In addition to presentations in the traditional plenary and breakout format, it is the intention of the program committee to encourage presentations that explore alternative approaches to the theme of the congress. While all presentations will necessarily have to fall within the technical and logistical limitations of the congress, the committee will consider presentations involving the use of media such as film, hypertext, performance or other modes of presentation, or involving group experiences or other experiential contributions. Any extraordinary costs for a presentation including specialized equipment must be borne by the presenter.

We intend to continue the tradition of poster sessions, which may be presented by trainees as well as analysts. As was the case in Kyoto, posters will be exhibited and the authors will have the opportunity to give a short oral presentation of 5-10 minutes in a breakout session. The poster sessions will be included in the Congress proceedings.

Feedback from the questionnaire following the Kyoto Congress indicated the desire for more clinical presentations and for more discussion of the presentations. In response to this feedback, we would like to continue to offer a category of “clinical case presentation”. Those wishing to present a case study are invited to send a proposal in this category.

In past congresses, pre-congress workshops and master classes have played an important role in the overall congress experience. The program committee expects that workshops and possibly master classes will be part of the Vienna congress, and will be accepting proposals for pre-congress events.

Program Committee of the XXI International Congress for Analytical Psychology
George Hogenson (CSJA), Vice-President, Chair
Misser Berg (DSAP), Vice-President
Gerhard Burda (OGAP)
Eduardo Carvallo (SCJA)
Toshio Kawai (AJAJ, AGAP), President Elect
Marianne Müller (SGAP), President
Martin Schmidt (SAP) Honorary Secretary
Jacqueline West (NMSJA)
Luisa Zoppi (AIPA)

Organizing Committee of the XXI International Congress for Analytical Psychology
Petra Denk (ÖGAP), Co-Chair
Liljenroth-Denk (ÖGAP), Co-Chair
Eleonore Armster (ÖGAP)
Gerhard Burda (ÖGAP)
Reinhard Skolek (ÖGAP)
Regina Skolek-Winkler (ÖGAP)
Anton Tölk (ÖGAP)